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So Simple Sessions Original Project by Elena Quintana (Soul33)


Since Nov 2011

Acoustic music is special, it connects on a deep level with the people. After having been involved in several electronic music projects I felt I needed to return to the basics: voices and instruments. I created So Simple Sessions in late 2011 as a project to be seen / listen to on a Youtube channel. An online adventure that combines reggae, rap, soul, funk and everything that comes to mind in acoustic format.

Dremen VisualArt by Elena Quintana (Soul33)


Since 2015

Emotional branding videos

Project Management & Creative lead.

Creation of promotional videos for Start-ups and SMBs.

Simulacros Original Project by Elena Quintana (Soul33)


Since October 2013

'My best resume are my friends'. The artistic project Simülacros was born under this premise as a documentary approach to some of my best friend's artistic practices.


Dreamers who live their lives as responsible parents and hard workers, as well as artists, choreographers, photographers, musicians, fashion designers, dancers...They're the real dreamers and shakers in today´s Spanish cultural scene.

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